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– part 1
beginning with Chris Tuck [co-organiser], Stinson Hunter, Phil Lafferty, Ninty, Lucy Duckworth

– part 2
speakers: Bill Malony, Karen Billingsley, Russell Burton, Sam Hill, C. Tuck, Carly Cullis, Chris Wittwer [co-organiser]

– part 3
speakers: Tracey [clipped due to technical problems] Pam, Mickey Summers, Nigel, Cheryl Corless, Robert C., Sophie, Joe Public, Kaz, Diane [clipped].

Co-organiser of this rally, Chris Wittwer’s site “UK Paedos Exposed”, which shows over 42,000 convicted paedophiles is here:
http://www.ukpaedos-exposed.com/ -“Database of ‘convicted’ UK & Irish child abusers & animal perverts.This database has been created as a resource tool for anyone with an interest in child safety.

The Survivors Trust has over 130 member agencies which provide support for women, men and children who are survivors of rape, sexual violence or childhood sexual abuse. For details of specialist support services in your area go to: http://www.thesurvivorstrust.org/