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Case Studies

Case Study 1

RMVF team was approached by a young single mother, at the end of her tether. Her young child aged 2 ½ yrs at the time had developmental delay unable to communicate with the outside world. Her behaviour involved extreme violent outbursts. The mother approached various agencies for help. Her voice was not heard. She was pushed around to various professionals who told her that her daughter would “Grow out of it “. Contemplating suicide the mother was introduced to R.M.V.F.

Our social worker met with the family on various occasions at their home address, assessed the situation and then acted. We organized a network meeting with all the professionals involved. We empowered the mother to express her concerns and frustrations. Following our intervention with our support, the child was very quickly diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. With this diagnosis, continued support and intervention the child was able to access specialized support and now part-time in a special school. Referred to the Local Authority Children with Disabilities Team, the mother was able to access the relevant Social Benefits and secure appropriate accommodation for her and her daughter. The child now nearly 4 yrs old and her mother are receiving ongoing support from R.M.V.F.

R.M.V.F enabled and empowered mother and child. Their voices were heard!

Case Study 2

A prostitute visited R.M.V.F office destitute and heavily pregnant. She visited our charity shop after hearing local people had visited and been given help, both practically, items of clothing and advice on benefits.

She visited a few times before she began to trust the staff and share her story. This young teenager had been sexually, physically and emotionally abused from a young age by various ‘friends’ of her mother. She had resorted to drugs from the age of 13 years. She had been raped by the age of 14 yrs. She left her ‘home’ at the age of 15 ½ yrs. She spent the next 4 yrs., drifting from pimp to pimp, selling herself in order to access money for her drug addiction and by now her alcohol addiction. She confessed that her current boyfriend was also her pimp and she needed help as she was now expecting a child and did not know the identity of the father.

R.M.V.F began by referring her to local agencies for support with her drug addiction; R.M.V.F helped her secure a tenancy in her own right. During her pregnancy she would visit our office to talk and share her problems. She had good and bad days. During this period, with the support of our team and local Children’s Services, she decided to give up her child for adoption, as she was unable to guarantee her child’s future. Her baby girl was born September 2012. The young mother was more than grateful for our support.

“People here don’t judge me. I feel able to tell them anything and they won’t look down at me like I’m Scum, I felt like …… all my life and will probably die feeling like it, but you people really do care. You’re a proper charity”.
Quote from Service user Ms. P.Q

Case Study 3

A father visited our office to seek help with his teenage son. The husband and wife have 1 son of 14 yrs. The son has a severe learning disabilities and recently arrived in the UK to join his parents. The family both work part-time and with English not being their first language, found it very frustrating not being able to express their concerns they had for their son with professional agencies. The young man currently attends a mainstream secondary school, where with all the will in the world they are unable to meet his educational and social needs. The parents were very concerned that his current Educational needs were not being met. They did not understand the processes or the systems involved with their son’s educational needs. They did not know their rights. R.M.V.F intervened and organized a series of meetings with the S.E.N Coordinator of the school, Educational Psychologist and the family. As a result of our intervention the young man, who has been in the school since March 2012 will now formally begin the Statementing process. He has already met with the Educational Psychologist twice. The family is due to meet him on the 30th November 2012. The family will visit special schools within the Borough by December 2012 with the plan to place him in the appropriate Educational provision by the end of Jan 2013. The family were delighted with the outcome – having clear plans for their son’s future. R.M.V.F staff provided the appropriate language skills with the clear professional expectations, to give this family the voice they thought they did not have.

“How can we thank you enough – you have saved our son’s life. May God always bless you”.
Quote from the parents Mr. and Mrs. M.O