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Trustees Report 2017

Objectives and activities
The relief of those in need because of financial hardship and ill-health, by provision of 1) counselling, 2) advice and assistance in particular but not exclusively to persons who have made a disclosure in the public interest regarding malpractice or wrongdoing happening in the work place.

Summary of achievements and performance
Advice and guidance/counselling has increased over the past 9 months, due to changes in social funding and social assistance to groups and individuals.

From April 2017-January 2018
The charity has supported a family who´s son has been abused both sexually and emotionally in a residential establishment. Legal direction was given plus ongoing emotional support to the family.
A referral was made to the charity claiming a high court judge was a perpetrator of sexual abuse. Evidence was requested by the charity, which did not fully substantiate the claims.
This information was passed tot he police. No further action was taken.

Daily activities
The `open door` policy continues at the charity, allowing people to visit the charity for advice and support. Issues range from housing needs, benefit issues, education appeals to more complex issues, relating to domestic violence, contact arrangements and court matters.
The charity has seen an increase in members of the public seeking assistance from the relief of poverty. The charity is currently supporting five families with donations of food and clothing. The charity has started a new project mentoring/ supporting a young person from a low income family with underlying family difficulties to succeed in further education. The charity has been supporting a young man from GCSE level who is now attending university to study law. Support is ongoing. The charity has also been able to support young people in the community to volunteer at the charity shop as a part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The charity continues to support members oft the community who require our services. The charity has established good professional relations with solicitors who provide legal aid.

Aims for the coming year
To continue the charity`s ethos of a non-judgemental organization who welcome any member from our society. To develop the relief of poverty to members of our community and to develop ways to expand this area of the charity. Poverty is clearly linked to children being placed in vulnerable situations and not being able to reach their potential. The charity hopes to expand positive interactions with the most disadvantaged of our society who at times are unable to access ressources for various reasons.

Over a 9 month period the charity has had 30 referrals requiring more than one week support. The majority are still receiving ongoing support. The `open door` receives a minimum of four requests per day for advice and guidance. Many prefer not to complete the charity`s referral form for personal or confidentiality reasons.
Agreed Trustees Meeting 9th February 2018