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We’re not looking to change the world but if we can STOP ONE CHILD FROM BEING ABUSED or STOP ONE VULNERABLE PERSON FROM TAKING THEIR OWN LIFE with your money because they have been ignored, we will consider ourselves a success.

At the Raising My Voice Foundation, we appreciate that there are many worthy causes all deserving of your money but if our most vulnerable don’t get the support they need as early as possible, society as a whole will suffer and the brokenness of scars experienced will have a deep and lasting effect and negative consequences for all of us.
To accomplish our long-term vision of a fully-staffed office in north London, a structured drop-in facility, a telephone helpline, advocacy services and eventually, accommodation, we rely 100% on your generosity.

What we do is vital and our call for your support has never been greater

Funding comes in many forms, be it one-off donations, philanthropy, Government grants, corporate donations and legacies but the fundamental aim with your money is to allow the Raising My Voice Foundation to make vital inroads into the grass roots of the community and to adequately serve those who need our help most.

Why Should You Give Money To Us?

Nevres Kemal was victimised, abused, marginalised and lost with everything she worked for. The ramifications of the pain and suffering she experienced over four and a half years of fighting the system was felt by her immediate family.

When asked by the world’s press following her vindication, she replied ‘I suffered, my daughter suffered but I will live to fight for the cause. I am not buried in the ground like Baby P is.’

Our priority is to protect the children most at risk in OUR community.

We have first-hand experience of this most horrific, taboo world.

This is not an abstract concept. Your money WILL help to literally save lives physically, mentally and emotionally and the effect is immediate. We are a Foundation created by real people fighting real causes for real people who are suffering injustice.

We Need Your Help NOW

These are real issues facing disaffected communities with real needs. Children, families, adults and the elderly in our communities are suffering the most appalling brutality and are being ignored. They need a voice.

Without your help, children with their whole lives in front of them are being physically, mentally and emotionally abused. Please help us to stop these heinous crimes that are happening on our doorsteps. It’s the collective responsibility of our generation to help the next generation be all they can be, free of the most unimaginable abuse.
Your money enables us to do more than you could possibly imagine. Our existing work will be improved and enhanced upon and we will provide access to the system that is unattainable for the very people who need its help the most.

For more information and to make a donation to the Raise My Voice Foundation, please contact us today.

If sending a cheque please make payable to: ‘Raising My Voice Foundation’

Corporate/Philanthropic/Individual Giving please email enquiries to: [email protected] or [email protected]