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On the day Tracey Connolley was released from prison and Sharon Shoesmith, the former Director of Harringay Children’s Services rescued her £600,000 compensation for her unfair dismissal;the World has forgotten the death of “Baby P” Peter Connolley.

The toddler beaten at the hands of his mother, his mother’s boyfriend and his brother.


Has the “Lessons Learnt” prevented children dying at the hands of the Carers…the answer is a definite “NO!”

How can society allow a person Tracy Connolley to serve 5 years for causing the death of another human being especially a defenceless child and her only son.

Our “civilised society” deems this to be fair punishment.

The message is clear, abuse, neglect, physically abuse a child to death and you will be out in 5 years!!

The outrage of Baby P’s death caused unprecedented outpouring of condemnation from around the world.

The Labour Government at the time ordered the Ofsted Inspectors into Harringay Children Services. The knee jerk reaction resulting in the dismissal of Sharon Shoesmith.

It is quite concerning when Ed Balls the Childrens Minister at the time believed he was above the law and legal process when he publicly and unfairly dismissed her.

Surely British Government have access to quality legal teams to ensure they believe in a lawful manner of action.

The price of his belief he was the Law was £600,000 plus all legal costs to be funded by the tax payers in the Borough of Harringay.

Taking away much needed funds to support the already funded services.

…..to be continued.