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About Us

The Raising My Voice Foundation was conceived by Nevres Kemal, an experienced, qualified senior social worker with over 20 years experience of working with society’s most vulnerable children and families.

The charity was registered on 23rd May 2012 with the Charities Commission.

In 2007, Nevres blew the whistle to the Department of Health, OFSTED and various other key organisations and individuals (who ignored her) regarding her concerns over the alleged failings of Haringey’s protection of children within Haringey’s Children’s Services.

Through Nevres’s endeavours to be heard regarding her concerns for Haringey’s failure to protect children, two OFSTED inspectors were asked to examine Haringey’s Safeguarding policy and procedures. No failings were uncovered, however following the cruel and tragic death of Baby P, the then Children’s Minister Ed Balls commissioned OFSTED to examine Haringey’s safeguarding policy and procedures and in particular the failings of the handling of the Baby P case.

They found it was a complete and utter mess and Haringey had failed in their duty to protect and possibly prevent Baby P’s death.

It highlighted the tragic yet avoidable death of ‘Baby P’ at the hands of his so-called carers and Nevres was subjected to false accusations, institutional victimisation and racial abuse, simply for speaking out.

Every day people suffer because they try to do the right thing’.

The Raising My Voice Foundation was borne out of a sense of injustice and personal experience. One of the fundamental aims of the foundation is to be the voice of the unheard to assist individuals or families who aren’t listened to, respected or understood. The same people who are not given the appropriate advice, information or support to enable them to access the services they and their families need within the Health and Education authorities.

I know how it feels to be ignored but I also understand the system, how it works and how to approach it. I can help’.

People, especially children, are being controlled by abuse, violence and fear but the mission of the foundation is to provide an open door for all. In order to ask for help, we need to establish trust and confidence, and that takes time with people.

We can be their voice. Our aim is to assist people who contact us for the support and advice we offer. We speak to the right people whose help is needed on behalf of our clients who may not be able to access services effectively.

Nevres’s sense of injustice was borne out of her own childhood experiences and this propelled her into the world of social work. She fully understands what it’s like to feel silent pain which gives her the strength and empathy to fight for others who have suffered injustices.

‘I know the pain of silence’.

After qualifying as a social worker in 1990, Nevres worked for the London Boroughs of Hackney and Haringey as well as the NSPCC and is a vastly experienced social worker and child protection officer.

The Foundation will support all those who express concern and wrongdoing by professionals and organisations across the full spectrum of society and together, we can end silent suffering.

Nevres says “My vision was to establish this charity which we’ve accomplished. For the future, I want a team of professionals dedicated to the cause of being the voice of the unheard.”

“We want to give people the dignity to be listened to and treated in a fair and just way.”

“My hopes and dreams for the future are to make the charity an organisation which has a major role to play in the very systems that affect people’s lives.”

For more information about the Raising My Voice Foundation and to make a donation, please contact us today.